Why Choosing the Fastest Disinfectant is Important for Beauty Professionals

Oftentimes, it can feel like there are never enough hours in the day. If you work in a busy salon or spa, there’s a good chance that you know this feeling all too well. And if you are like most beauty professionals, you probably want to spend what little time there is on what you care about – providing exceptional service to your clients. 

One part of your day that you likely are not so anxious to spend more time on is disinfection most people would choose to spend as little time as possible disinfecting surfaces and tools between appointments throughout the day. While disinfection plays a crucial role in preventing infections in salons and spas, many beauty professionals spend much more time than they want or need to, because they are using disinfectants that require unrealistically long contact times to be effective.

Contact Time

Contact time is the length of time that a disinfectant must remain wet on a surface to be effective. This is true of any EPA-registered disinfectant, even household products many people would be surprised to look at the label of disinfectant wipes at home and discover that a 10-minute contact time is required. While this may be less of an issue for home use, professional facilities likely do not want to wait 10 minutes between appointments just to disinfect surfaces and equipment. Unfortunately, disinfectants with long contact times are not only found on consumer shelves – many products used in salons and spas have contact times that are just as long. Choosing a disinfectant with a rapid contact time, such as Prevention, can save you significant amounts of time throughout your day. Delivering hospital-grade disinfection in just 1 minute, using Prevention allows for a quick turnaround between clients. 

The importance of contact time goes beyond convenience. Choosing a fast-acting disinfectant also makes it easy to ensure that you’re disinfecting effectively. Just because a disinfectant requires a contact time of 10 minutes does not mean that it will stay wet on the surface for this length of time. Many products with long contact times often evaporate prematurely, meaning that multiple applications are required to kill germs. This is especially common among disinfectants formulated with alcohols. In addition to the extra time needed for disinfection, this also significantly impacts the overall cost of keeping your business germ-free. 

Prevention Disinfectants help you guard your salon or spa against the threat of infection while saving time for the things you want to focus on. Effective against a broad spectrum of germs in just one minute, you can feel confident that a single application will offer the protection you need against germs while providing you more time for your service.

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