Sanitation Protocols Every Massage Therapist Should Have

As a dedicated massage therapist, your role is crucial in promoting the health and wellness of your clients. The last thing you want to worry about is germs, which is why it is always important to maintain cleaning and disinfection practices before and after your client’s visit.

Sanitation protocols are ideal tools that can simplify your cleaning and disinfecting practices by highlighting at-risk areas and providing step-by-step instructions to eliminate viruses and bacteria. Utilizing disinfection protocols support your commitment to your and your client’s health and safety. It also ensures that you properly disinfect the following surfaces and equipment:

  • massage table
  • face cradles
  • chairs and stools
  • massage cups and stones
  • other hard non-porous surfaces and equipment

Every sanitation protocol must go hand in hand with the proper cleaning and disinfection products. Prevention Disinfectants offer peace of mind that your massage practice can quickly, safely, and easily maintain a germ-free environment. Prevention provides fast and effective disinfection against viruses and bacteria in only 1-minute.

We created the following must-have protocols to help elevate your daily sanitation practices.

  • Massage Table Protocol
  • Massage Stones Protocol
  • Massage High-Touch Surfaces Protocol

Click Here To Download Each Protocol For Free

Maintaining high standards is essential to running any successful massage practice, so implementing these protocols will help you stay ahead in infection prevention.

Learn how Prevention Disinfectants can improve your cleaning and disinfection practices here.

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