State Cosmetology and Massage Boards

State Cosmetology and Massage Boards have written regulations and guidelines on facility management, including infection prevention and control measures. It’s important to familiarize yourself with their requirements to ensure that your spa or salon is compliant should a health inspector pay a visit and that you put the health and safety of your clients and team front and center.

When it comes to disinfection, most boards require that surfaces and devices are disinfected regularly, using an EPA-registered product with demonstrated efficacy against viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Some applications may also require the use of a tuberculocidal (TB) disinfectant, which carries a claim against Mycobacteria (the family of bacteria that causes tuberculosis).

Prevention Disinfectants not only provide the fastest contact times against pathogens of concern in spas and salons but are also EPA registered and come with a 1 minute TB claim meeting if not exceeding most State Board requirements.

Be sure to be familiar with the rules and guidelines in your state by visiting the relevant links below.

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