Select the finest spa products by choosing Prevention, an award-winning disinfectant. Recognized by industry experts and spa professionals, these accolades signify Prevention’s excellence in effectiveness, innovation, and peer trust. Opting for such disinfectants guarantees superior efficacy, safety, and environmental stewardship, emphasizing your spa’s dedication to excellence.

The WellSpa 360 Readers’ Choice Award

The WellSpa 360 Readers’ Choice Award, a prestigious honor in the spa and wellness industry, celebrates excellence in professional spa and wellness products. Uniquely voted on by industry experts rather than consumers, it highlights products considered the best by those who know superior spa experiences. Focused solely on professional products, this award affirms that Prevention is of exceptional quality and highly regarded by spa professionals, enhancing its credibility and prestige in the sector.

The ISPA New Product Award

The ISPA New Product Award, from the International Spa Association, is a distinguished award in the spa and wellness industry that honors innovative excellence in new spa products. It serves as a badge of industry endorsement, highlighting products that mark significant advancements in the field, as recognized by a leading organization. Prevention being honored with the ISPA New Product Award signifies a product’s groundbreaking impact and high regard among industry insiders, underscoring its value and appeal to professionals.

The Skin Inc.’s Readers’ Choice Award

Winning Skin Inc.’s Readers’ Choice Award is a prestigious honor in the spa industry, recognizing exceptional spa products based on the feedback of both professionals and clients. This award signifies broad industry and consumer approval, spotlighting products that significantly benefit the spa community, including estheticians and their clients. It serves as a testament to Prevention’s appeal across the professional and client spectrum, enhancing its attractiveness for a superior spa experience.

The Dermascope Aestheticians’ Choice Award

The Dermascope Aestheticians’ Choice Award (ACA) is a prestigious honor in the beauty industry, awarded by licensed aestheticians. It validates the excellence and effectiveness of aesthetics products, including Prevention, in providing a clean, germ-free spa environment. Winning the ACA means a product has met the high standards and expert evaluations of skincare professionals, underscoring its credibility and endorsement by industry insiders.

The America Spa’s Professional’s Choice Award

Being named a finalist in the America Spa’s Professional’s Choice Awards signifies outstanding industry excellence for spa products or services. This recognition, voted on by a broad range of spa professionals, confirms Prevention’s high regard in the spa community. This prestigious acknowledgement not only positions Prevention as a top choice among experts but also helps spas attract customers seeking a premium, hygienic spa experience, strengthening its market presence and consumer trust.

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