Prevention: The Highest Standard in Salon and Spa Disinfection

Despite being so small that you can’t see them, germs are often the elephant in the room for salons and spas. Nobody wants to think about them, but the cost of an outbreak can be devastating – in addition to making your clients, your team, or yourself sick, germs are also bad for business. Since news of an outbreak can spread just as fast as the germs themselves, whether to public health inspectors or potential clients on social media, it is no surprise that infection prevention is among the best investments you can make.

Like the equipment you use for your services, your disinfectant should be purpose-built to help you do your job. The New Prevention™ Disinfectants, based on Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® technology, are formulated to meet the unique needs of your salons and spas:

  • Prevention is the fastest – Prevention is an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant killing viruses, bacteria, and fungi in just 1 minute! Formulated to meet the requirements of state boards nationwide, Prevention is also tuberculocidal in one minute. Many commonly used disinfectants have unrealistically long contact times, often requiring 10 minutes to be effective. Using Prevention means less time between appointments, and compliance is made easy.
  • Prevention is the safest– Despite the myth that harsh chemicals are needed to kill germs, Prevention is non-irritating to the eyes and non-corrosive to the skin. Unlike other products, Prevention is not associated with any health hazards; ensuring safety for you or your clients is never a tradeoff. Hydrogen peroxide, the only active ingredient in Prevention, breaks down to water and oxygen, leading to minimal environmental impact.
  • Prevention is the easiest– Prevention is a one-step disinfectant-cleaner with powerful detergents that allow it to remain highly effective in the presence of residual dirt on the surface. Available in convenient formats, including ready-to-use spray and wipes, Prevention does not require mixing, dilution, or daily preparation of the new solution. Apply and leave to air dry.

Germs in your salon or spa have finally met their match. When you use Prevention, you can rest assured that your disinfectant will be highly effective without compromising what matters, including safety for you and your clients and precious time to focus on managing your business. 

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