How to Conquer a Busy Spa Season This Fall

A time to reflect on sanitation best practices during the upcoming cold and flu season.

Ensuring a spotless and germ-free professional workplace is essential to safeguard the health and well-being of you and your clients. While household cleaners and sanitizers may be sufficient for use at home, you should rely on hospital-grade disinfectants like PreventionTMWipes and Spray that have been specifically formulated for the rigorous demands of your busy service and treatment areas.

Many commonly used disinfectants require unrealistically long contact times, meaning that they need to stay wet on the surface for several minutes to be effective. Look for a disinfectant like Prevention, which was designed with your need for speed in mind, boasting 1-minute disinfection against viruses, bacteria, and fungi. This allows for quick turnaround between clients.

Powerful action against germs no longer requires using disinfectants that come with adverse side effects to your health. Ensure that your safety and the well-being of your spa and clients is a priority by eliminating the use of harsh chemical in favor of safer alternatives. Prevention’s gentle formula is non-irritating to the eyes and non-corrosive to skin with no harsh chemical smell.

Use Eco-friendly disinfectants to enhance your spa’s appeal to environmentally conscious clients. Today’s consumers are not just looking for extraordinary treatments but also spas that align with their ethical values. By choosing disinfectants like Prevention, you can promote your spa as one that embraces environmentally preferable products and practices. Prevention is formulated with biodegradable ingredients and is available in Refill Wipes that reduce plastic packaging by 90%.

Focus on communication with your clients so you can build trust and create a positive spa experience. Use tent cards, window decals and door hangers to showcase your spa’s commitment to being germ-free. You can also elevate your expertise by getting infection prevention certified. Prevention Disinfectants offers a complimentary certification that can be customized based on the services you provide. Join over 35,000 spa and wellness professionals and display your certificate demonstrating your commitment to sanitation best practices.

These simple yet effective practices ensure that your spa sanitation is efficient, safe, and environmentally preferable, creating an irresistible experience for your clientele this fall season!

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