5 Tips for a Safer Spa Environment

By Milica Petkovic, Prevention Disinfectants by Virox Technologies, Inc.

There are many facets to running a successful spa, and one stone that can absolutely not
go unturned is properly disinfecting your space to keep it safe for you and your clients. Cleaning and disinfecting your spa space goes much farther than spraying and wiping down your tools and treatment beds. Considerations like spa sanitation best practices, proper protocols and the right cleaning and disinfection products can all play a factor in making sure your spa space is properly disinfected between your clients. We gathered five great ways to renew and refresh your spa routines that will contribute to environmental sustainability, your personal safety and your professional development. By incorporating these practices into your treatment areas, you can start every day feeling confident and ready to tackle any challenges that may come your way.


While household products may seem like a convenient and cheaper option for cleaning and disinfecting your surfaces and equipment, they have several drawbacks; starting with the type of pathogens your spa might have that household cleaners don’t kill. Professional disinfectants are formulated to be effective against germs like staphylococcus, influenza virus, hepatitis B and C viruses, HIV, coronavirus and many others that are unlikely to be encountered in your home. Prevention disinfectants are specifically formulated to quickly kill spa relevant pathogens in only one minute, which is crucial for keeping up with the fast-paced turnover of your clients. For this reason, it’s best to keep household cleaners at home and professional-grade disinfectants in your treatment areas.


Incorporating eco-friendly disinfectants into your spa can enhance its sustainability while appealing to environmentally conscious clients. Consumers aren’t just looking for spas that perform good treatments anymore, especially the younger generation coming in. They are looking for spas that align with their morals, especially when it comes to sustainability.

By choosing Prevention, which contains a biodegradable active ingredient that breaks down into oxygen and water, you can take an important step towards improving your business and protecting the environment. Considerations like spa sanitation best practices, proper protocols, and the right cleaning and disinfection products can all play a factor in making sure your spa space is properly disinfected between your clients. Additionally, Prevention is the first in the industry to offer Refill Wipes that reduce plastic packaging by 90%, making it a more sustainable option. With these eco-friendly disinfectants, you can ensure a greener future for your spa while making yourself stand out to your eco-conscious clients and meeting their needs.


Think about how often you are cleaning your spa space throughout the day. Some disinfectants contain harsh chemicals that can expose you to harmful side effects. However, Prevention uses a new development in disinfectant technology that is formulated to be gentler on you; it is non-irritating to the eyes and skin and does not come with a strong chemical odor. Meaning, you can effectively eliminate germs that can lead to infection and illness without compromising your health and safety in the process.


A major challenge in a busy spa is making sure you adhere to the contact time of your disinfectant. Contact time is the duration a surface must remain wet to eliminate germs. Some disinfectants require up to 10 minutes and multiple applications, which may result in ineffective disinfection or non-compliance with health inspections. Not to mention, when your book is full of back-to-back clients, you don’t have time for all of that waiting.

Think of it this way, if you have to take an additional 10 minutes out of your day between each client and you have eight clients booked for the day, that is 80 minutes wasted. Which, could fit an extra client and even some quick add-on services resulting in a potential loss of hundreds of dollars per day. That is a lot of time and money wasted. Make  sure you read the label carefully and opt for fast-acting disinfectants, like Prevention, that can kill bacteria, viruses and fungi in only one-minute contact time.


Staying up-to-date with the latest developments and trends is essential for spa professionals. Prevention provides a complimentary online Infection Prevention Certification Course, which has enabled thousands of beauty experts to deliver their treatments and services with the confidence of maintaining a germ-free and safe environment. In just 30 minutes, this course provides tailored best practices for your role or services and concludes with a personalized certificate you can proudly display in your spa.

By keeping work spaces clean, integrating eco-friendly products, prioritizing personal and client safety and enhancing your understanding of spa sanitation, you can confidently look after your clients and grow your business.

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