Prevention™ Spa and Salon Disinfectants a Runaway Success Resulting in the Discontinuation of Previous Rejuvenate™ Brand

January 16, 2023 – Virox Technologies Inc. is proud to announce that the recent launch of its Prevention brand of one-step cleaner disinfectants has been overwhelmingly well received by beauty professionals across America. The quick adoption of the fastest, safest and easiest way to maintain germ-free spas and salons has led to the discontinuation of the Rejuvenate brand.

“We’re committed to providing disinfectants, protocols and education that offer the highest standard in spa and salon workplace protection. Prevention is not only an improvement on our previous formulation but now puts it head and shoulders above all other brands.” says Dan Woolford, Sr. Director at Virox Technologies Inc., the makers of Rejuvenate and Prevention disinfectants.

Prevention disinfectants continue to deliver on the promise of hospital grade efficacy without resorting to the use of harsh chemicals that can lead to harmful side-effects. A one minute contact time against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and TB (Mycobacteria) is up to ten times faster than other disinfectants. Now beauty professionals can clean and disinfect workstations and treatment areas more efficiently between client appointments saving valuable time!

Another exciting development is the introduction of a Refill Wipes format. By conveniently replenishing wipes canisters with a refill pouch, beauty professionals can reduce the disposal of single-use plastic by up to 90% while also saving money. Spas and salons can now contribute to their sustainability goals while also looking after the environment with Prevention’s biodegradable formulation.

“While we’re sad to bid farewell to Rejuvenate, Prevention disinfectants have exceeded expectations given the great user feedback we’ve been receiving. We look forward to seeing more and more spas and salons adopting Prevention as their preferred cleaner disinfectant to keep beauty professionals and their clients safe.” says Woolford.

Prevention Disinfectant Wipes and Ready to Use products are available now at Universal Companies, Massage Warehouse, BodyWorkMall, and other US resellers.

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